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Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed

Project Name: Sodic Westown.

About Project: An integrated residential compound and one of the best and finest residential units offering all comfortable accommodation services, facilities, and excellent location.

Sodic Westown Location: in the heart of Sheikh Zayed in the 16th Neighbourhood.

Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed Space: 1 million m² equal to 247 acres.

Units Type: apartments – duplexes – penthouses – villas – twinhouses – admnistrative units -.commercial units – clincs.

Units Space: apartments space starts from 100 up to 300 m², villas space starts from 320 m² up to 700 m², and twin houses space starts from 275 m².

Price per meter: starts from 17,000 EGP.

The Executing Company Name: Sodic Developments.

Payment Methods: 10% up to 15% downpayment and the rest via installments over a period starts from 7 up to 9 years.

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Sodic Westown Compound

It is for all lovers of beauty and charming landscapes as it provides you with wonderful and diverse residential units with all the services and facilities that meet all the needs of the residents, where this project is located in Sheikh Zayed City, which offers you a new concept of residential life.

The project has been implemented on an area of one million square meters or about 247 acres with 78% of the area allocated to green spaces and the rest for buildings, facilities, and services as you will find a variety of spaces among apartments – duplexes – penthouses – villas – twin house – administrative units – commercial units- clinics.